Some Frequently Asked Questions About Daylilies

“What is a Daylily?”
A – A Daylily does not grow from a bulb as other Lillies do. It is in the genus Hemerocallis, two Greek words meaning beauty and day. The plant sends up a scape that produces several buds that flower and each of these last one day. The Daylily is a perennial that last for years. It will clump up so you can divide it every three or four years.

“When is The Best Time To Plant?”
A – In northern climates it is best to plant in the spring. It is also okay to divide and plant through the summer months up until six weeks before frost.

“Can You Plant in The Shade?”
A – No, Daylilies need at least six hours of sun to produce adequate bloom. They prefer full sun for maximum bloom.

“Do You Need Special Soil?”
A – Daylilies will adapt to almost any soil that is well drained. Water is the most important element along with a little fertilizer, (we use 10-10-10) in the spring and again in the fall.

“Do Daylilies Need Special Care?”
A – Daylilies are known as the perfect perennial because they are drought resistant, nearly disease and insect free and need little care.

“How Many Fans Per Plant?”
A – Two fans or more.

For more detailed information click on our link to The American Hemerocallis Society.